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About Mrs.Ha

About Mrs. Ha

Name: Mrs. Mary Grace Ha

Birthday: January 25th


Mrs. Ha (formerly known as Ms. Park) was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to Los Angeles at an early age. Mrs. Ha grew up in Los Angeles with her family all throughout her childhood. As a young girl, she always had a heart to be a teacher and make an impact in lives of students by being the best educator she can be.


Mrs. Ha lives in Irvine, CA, with her wonderful, fun-loving husband Joe and her 4 years old son, Josiah Jesse "JJ" Ha. Mrs. Ha enjoys watching movies, going on trips, and hanging out with JJ, her family, and church friends for fun.

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Mrs. Ha studied at Biola University and received her BA in Liberal Studies and Christian Education.  After she graduated, she continued her education and received her Master Degree in Education, Teaching and Curriculum.


Mrs. Ha is currently a 3rd grade teacher at Los Molinos Elementary School in Hacienda Heights, CA. She works with the best teaching team in this district. This is her 16th year teaching. Before coming to Los Molinos, Mrs. Ha taught 3rd and 4th grade at Los Robles Academy (HLPUSD) for 4 years, and prior that that, kindergarten and 2nd grade at Manchester Elementary in Los Angeles, LAUSD for 3 years. Mrs. Ha absolutely LOVES teaching because she enjoys the power of learning as it brings life and fulfillment to her and her students. She was awarded "Teacher of the year" at Los Robles in 2010 and again in 2014 at Los Molinos with placing as a finalist for "District Teacher of the year."

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Mrs. Ha also has a passion for traveling and teaching around the world during her summer vacations. She’s been to many countries such as: Belize, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Africa, and Mexico. More recently, she has been traveling to India almost every year to help develop an orphanage and an education center that teaches students from pre-school to the graduate level. She is proud to be a part of this project and was pleased to learn that they have named the center after her (“Marygrace Education Center”). She plans to continue traveling there until the center is complete and fully operational.


With over 13 years in the education field, Mrs. Ha never gets tired of seeing students learn and reach their full potential. Her philosophy of learning is to make every opportunity a learning experience. 


A Few of Mrs. Ha's Favorite

Hobbies: Going to Disneyland, Playing with JJ, Making JJ videos, Shopping, Making Jewelry, Playing guitar, Singing, Snowboarding, Watching Movies, Reading, Going to Disneyland, Hanging out with Church Friends

Places to hang out: Disneyland, AMC Theatres

Favorite Places to shop: Target, Micheals, Joanns, Old Navy, Nordstroms

Places to eat: Cheesecake Factory, Korean BBQ Restaurants, Subway

Colors: RED

Favorite Drinks: Arrowhead Water, Coffee Bean’s Mocha Ice Blended (YUM) during the summer, and Coffee Bean’s Hazelnut latte during the winters

Favorite Food: Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza, Carne Asada Tacos, Caesar Salad, Korean BBQ,

Favorite Snacks: Fuji apples, Oranges, Doritos, Flaming Hot Cheetos


Mrs. Ha's Wish List

For the classroom: Tissue boxes, hand sanitizers, Glade plug-in Hawaiian Breeze Air Freshener Refills, pencils, Microwavable Butter Popcorn bags, used books for our classroom library, printer ink (HP92 and HP93), Sharpie Flip Chart  markers, index cards, goodies/gifts for the treasure box…

For her enjoyment: (parents and students have asked what I would appreciate as gifts) Arrowhead Water Bottles to quench my thirst while I teach, Coffee Bean/Starbucks Gift Cards to keep me caffeinated and alert, used books to expand my class library, Staples Gift Cards to stock up on supplies I may need during the year, and lovely notes and cards to keep me encouraged.