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7 Instructional Goals

  1. SBAC Matrix of Cognitive Rigor

  2. Common Core: Literacy in All Content Areas

  3. Common Core:8 Math Practice Standards

  4. Instructional Model: GRR (Gradual Release of Responsibility)

  5. RtI (Response to Intervention): Academic and Behavioral

  6. CTE (Career Technical Education) Pathways

  7. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Policies and Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal

Students may arrive to school beginning at 7:00 AM.  All students who arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 must report directly to the cafeteria.  Supervision aide will walk student to the blacktop for morning play at 8:00.  Students arriving between 8:00-8:15 will enter campus through the east front gate or main entry doors. 

Please do not drop your children off at school before 7:00 a.m. as there is no adult supervision.


Staff Parking Lot

As Los Molinos has very limited parking, the parking adjacent to the school is for Staff only.   All cars parking in this lot will need to have a parking permit displayed in the windshield.   Parents needing to park will need to utilize the designated "Visitor" parking, or park on the curb outside of the school grounds.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Traffic is very heavy in our parking lot and its surrounding area.  Please make sure your children always use the crosswalks.  Please enter our parking lot from the Avalo end only and do not park or stop on the red curbing.  Red curbing is for drop off only.  If you would like to walk your student in to school, please park in one of the designated "visitor" parking spaces or curb outside of school campus.   Congestion in the parking lot may prevent busses from access to the bus parking area (directly in front of the school).  Citations will be issued for violations to the no parking policy.    Yellow curbs are designated for passenger loading only.  Do not leave your car parked in a yellow zone.

School dismisses at various times.  Staggered dismissal times have been coordinated to help congestion in the afternoons.  Please pick up students promptly (within 10 minutes) of the assigned dismissal time.   

Early Pick-Up/Check-out

We highly discourage checking students out early from school.  However, in the event you need to pick your student up early, please report directly to the front office and request early check out sheet.  Signature is required for all early check outs by parent/guardian or anyone listed on the student emergency card.  Parents must remain in the front office waiting area for their student to be released.  

Rainy Day Schedule

On rainy mornings, students are asked to NOT report to school earlier than 8:00 A.M.  unless they eat breakfast at school.  At that time all students are to go directly into the cafeteria.  By doing this, we are able to keep them as dry as possible until class starts.  At dismissal, all classes will be dismissed from the cafeteria. 


Accelerated Reader Incentive Program

Students are required to read each night either independently or with a family member.   They will then take reading comprehension tests for the books that they read on the internet-based Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program.  Students who earn their minimum grade-level A.R. goals will receive a prize at the end of the month.  After-School Program

California Learns is an on-campus, fee based, after-school program that runs from dismissal until 6 pm Monday through Friday on all school days. For enrollment information or questions please contact the program office (626) 933-5303. 



Regular school attendance is very important and necessary for students to do their best.  Please remember the following:


  • Children in attendance for a portion of the school day are counted as present the entire day.If your children must miss school because of family business, a family trip, or any other unexcused reason, please have them come to school in the morning (even if only for the first 15 minutes).


  • If an extended absence is necessary, please notify the office ahead of time. Students who have 5 or more days of consecutive unexcused absences may be dropped from school enrollment.


  • Always send a written note or call the school when your child returns after an absence and give the reason for absence.In case of illness, we must know the specific nature of the illness (i.e. cold, flu, measles, etc.).


  • Absences are excused for the following reasons:illness, medical or dental appointments, family death, and quarantine of family by health officials.Students with excessive absences may be required to bring a doctor’s note to excuse subsequent absences.


  • Perfect Attendance includes not being tardy to school.Awards given for perfect attendance includes coming to school on-time.


  • School Staff will call home if students frequently miss school or arrive late.Student Success Team (SST) meetings may be held for serious attendance concerns.Every day counts for learning!


  • Excessive absences trigger the district School Attendance Review Team (SART) & SARB process.This process is when the school is mandated to hold meetings with parents to inform them of excessive absences or tardies, and if not rectified can result in district hearings.




    Bicycles (4th & 5th Grade Only)

    Children riding bicycles are to dismount at the driveway and walk their bicycles to the rack.  Bicycles are to be properly locked to prevent them from being taken from the grounds.  It is against the rules to ride bicycles on the sidewalk, in the corridors, or on the playground.  Students must wear helmets when riding bicycles.



    Bus Service

    Please direct all transportation inquiries to the District Transportation Office located at 15959 East Gale Avenue, Hacienda Heights.    (626) 933-3826


    Cafeteria Service

    Our cafeteria serves balanced meals everyday.  Students may buy meals or may be eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch.  Students who are eligible for a free lunch also receive the same benefits for breakfast. 


                            BREAKFAST            $1.00/day

                            LUNCH                      $1.90/day


    Snacks are sold during recess.  Snacks cost from .50-$1.00.  No Hot Cheetos or “hot” chips are allowed on campus. Soda is not permitted during school hours.


    If students wish to bring his/her own lunch, milk may be purchased separately for .50 cents.

                Purchasing meals can be done in the following manner:

             #1:                      Pay As You Go – Children buying lunch must pay for the meal when they are served in the cafetorium.  If a child loses or forgets lunch money they will be allowed to call home if they wish.


             #2:                      Pre-Pay Meals – Allows parents to prepay for lunches with the school cafeteria.  Students receive an account number.  A proper application can be obtained in the school office and returned to the school office.  You will be notified when your account has been set up.  Using your student’s account number prepayments may be made by sending cash, checks, or made through the internet at


             We do not allow drop off of fast food lunches in the office.  If you would like for your child to have a special lunch, please send it to school in the morning with your student.  Los Molinos promotes healthy eating habits and would like your support with this for all students. 


    Cafeteria Rules

  • All students are given the opportunity for lunch. If a student is not hungry he/she must still receive a lunch and sit with their classmates until they are dismissed to go outside.

  • Walk quietly to and from the lunchroom.

  • All balls go in the ball box before lining up in the lunch line.

  • Line up single file and stay on the blue line.

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  • Talk in quiet voices.

  • No eating in line.

  • Please clean up your area (including floor), raise hand and wait to be dismissed.

  • Students are not to leave the cafeteria without adult permission.

  • Food is not to be taken from the cafeteria.



    Classroom Parties

    As a protection for all students, a law was changed in 1987 to prohibit the distribution of homemade food items to class groups of students.  Items brought to school for celebrations must be in original store packaging.  Lunch parties (pizza, hamburgers, etc.) must be ordered through the cafeteria and may not be brought by the parent or delivered to the school by a vendor.


    Class parties will be limited for Winter Holiday and the End of the School year. 


    Birthday Parties:

    To ensure an allergy free environment, it is important for staff to be able to check ingredients listings before serving snacks to students.  Therefore, no homemade food is allowed.  We will only be able to serve store bought foods.  If you are planning to bring a treat for your child's birthday, please contact your child's teacher in advance.  Birthday treats will only be served in the last few minutes of the school day and only with prior approval of the teacher.  Consider bringing in healthy alternatives or grab bags of non-edible treats.


    Please note that ALL celebrations must have advanced approval by classroom teacher.


    Emergency Cards/Contacts and Changes of Address

    Please notify the school office immediately if you have a change of address or phone numbers.  This information is critical in case we need to contact you on behalf of your child.  Only adults whose names appear on the emergency card will be able to pick up students from school, EVEN IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.  We understand there may be instances where students live with 2 parents in 2 separate houses, if this is the case, please notify the office and complete 2 emergency cards for both parents’ information. 



    Field Trips

    Field trips are offered as enrichment activities to current units of study.  There may be a donation requested for certain field trips.  No student will be excluded due to lack of funds for donation; however, he/she may be prohibited from attending due to safety reasons (determined by teacher and Principal).  All students who attend school field trips must ride with their class on a district school bus.  All parents who wish to attend a field trip must be approved through the regular District volunteer process (application available in office).  (Please carefully read “Parent Volunteers” section as the approval process must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the field trip.) 


    The school library will be open Monday through Friday.  Our librarian supervises the library and students attend on a regular schedule.  Students may check out books for up to 2 weeks.  The cost of lost or damaged books must be reimbursed to the school.  You will be issued a receipt for your payment.  Our library is constantly updated with new books with topics of high interest to students and that relate to the curriculum. 

    Lost and Found

    As the year progresses, we accumulate lots of lost articles.  Please label all student items (coats, sweaters, jackets, lunch boxes, notebooks, books, etc.).  Parents may check the lost and found clothes rack and box in the storage room behind the stage. 


    Any left over items will be donated to the needy 3x a year; Winter, Spring, and at the End of the School Year.


    If students forget items in classrooms, the office/custodial staff may not be available to accommodate you to open classrooms.  Please remind your students to take home all needed belonging daily. 




    If a child is taking medication that is prescribed to be taken during school hours, parent and physician signatures are required on form #4440 available from the school office.  The medication must be kept in the school office and will be given out only by school personnel (nurse, office manager, Principal, teacher).


    The school cannot assume the responsibility of notifying students of the time to take their medication.  Please make sure your child and the teacher are aware of time requirements.


    Students are not allowed to bring any type of medication with them to school.  No over the counter (OTC) medications will be dispensed at school.


             Student Illness During the Day:

    Students will be sent up to the office by teachers or staff.  Parents will be notified to pick up students if deemed necessary.


    If a student is sent home for vomiting, has a high fever, or has non-clear fluids running from their noses, pink eye, etc., please make sure they are seen by a doctor before they return to school.



    The Los Molinos PTA is known throughout the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District as a very dedicated and hard working group of parents and community members.  We pride ourselves in the variety of family oriented activities it sponsors, as well as the support it gives back to the school.  Last year, with fundraising and family donations, PTA was able to donate $10/student for classroom support!  It also contributed to the many academic and beautification projects throughout our campus. 

    Please plan on joining PTA…you will not be sorry! 



    Parent Newsletter & Weekly Folder

    A monthly newsletter is published with information about school events, calendar items, procedures, and other items of interest to parents.  It will be distributed to all students at the beginning of each month,  as well as posted on our school website.  Additionally, every student will be given a school folder that will be used for all school/home correspondences and homework assignments.  Please look through the folder on a regular basis and return to school daily. 

    Weekly phone messages will go out on Sunday evenings providing families with information about the upcoming week.  Please communicate with our front office to be sure we have the correct phone number to receive these messages. 



    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-teacher conferences occur twice a year.  Parents are encouraged to ask for conferences anytime during the year if they have questions or concerns.  Our goal is to keep parents fully informed about students’ progress and meet with every family at conference time.



    Parent Volunteers/Field Trip Participation

    Parent volunteers are very much welcome at Los Molinos.  There are many opportunities for parents and community members to volunteer to assist in the school program.  All volunteers must submit an application to the school office for administrative approval and then proceed through the District Clearance Process.  Only cleared volunteers will be allowed on campus.  There are a variety of areas where volunteers are needed:

  • Classrooms and Academic Support

  • Field Trips (parent support needed per trip to be determined by teacher)

  • PTA

  • Library

  • School office

  • Sports

  • Student Council

  • Talent Show

  • School Programs/Special Projects

  • Organic Garden


    Volunteers (in-classroom and attending field trips) must submit to the Live Scan screening.  The applicant must also submit an annual completed Volunteer Application Form (form included at back of handbook and is also available in office) and verification of TB clearance every 4 years.  Applicants must call Human Resources at 626-933-3841 to schedule an appointment as well as bring:  valid government issued picture ID, TB clearance, signed volunteer application by Principal, and money order of $40.  Appointments must be made 30 days prior to volunteering. 


    Anyone visiting or volunteering on school grounds for any reason must sign in at the office immediately upon arrival on the school grounds.  A visitor badge must be worn while on campus.  All volunteers must comply with policies and procedures as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.


    Parent Input

    Parents are invited to attend our parent advisory groups, School Site Council/Shared Decision Making and English Learners Advisory Council.  School Site Council/Shared Decision Making works with the staff on the school plan and budget/academic priorities.  English Learners Advisory Council provides input about attendance and support for students learning English as a second language.  These important parent groups help guide our educational support for your children.  Meeting notices are posted on the office bulletin board. 



    Student portraits are taken twice a year, in fall and spring.  Please return pictures you do not choose to buy.  Teachers may also take pictures of students during the school year in their classrooms.  Parent permission is granted by checking the appropriate box on the ER card that is filled out at the beginning of the year and submitting the photo release form.  Sports and Fifth Grade Promotion photos will be taken in the Spring.  Dates will be included in school newsletters and order forms. 

    PTA volunteers also take pictures at all school programs and events.  These pictures are made available to order for all families. 


    Private Parties and Invitation Distribution

    If you plan to host a private party (off campus) for your child’s birthday, promotion, or other special occasion, please distribute invitations off-campus in order to avoid problems between students that may affect social relationships and learning at school.  We greatly appreciate your support!


    School Office/Telephone Use/Cell Phones

    Students may come to the office only with adult permission for illness, teachers send them, when they have permission to use the phone, when there is an emergency, or when they have business which requires them to be in the office. The office is a very busy place and students are expected to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible at all times. 


             Students may use the school office phone only in the following situations:

  • In an emergency, as guided by the Office Manager or Principal

  • As directed by a staff member

  • Students are not permitted to use their cell phones at school.  They will always be able to use the office phone to call home if necessary.   If students are found to be using cell phones during the school day on school property, the phone will be confiscated and stored in the Principals office.  Phone will be returned to parents only. 


    Special Instructions.  Please try to make all special arrangements with your child before he/she arrives at school for the day.  Calls during the day with instructions for your child to go to a baby-sitter, to another home, etc., are often confusing to your child/school, can be misunderstood, and should be avoided if possible.




    Students take the state mandated tests in the spring.  The SBAC tests are given to students in grades 3-5.  Prior to testing, students are prepared with study skills, practice sets, technology skills, and encouragement.  This data is used to help us improve our instruction.  Our academic goals are defined in our school plan, which is available to parents at any time. 




    Uniform Policy

    Los Molinos Elementary School is a uniform school.  All students wear uniforms to school Monday – Wednesday.  Thursdays are designated “free dress days,” and Fridays are “Spirit” or “College Wear” days; students can wear their Los Molinos T-shirt, sweatshirt or college/university attire.  Los Molinos spirit wear can be purchased from the Los Molinos PTA. 


    Being a “uniform” school promotes school safety, improves discipline, and contributes to a positive learning environment. The potential benefits of school uniforms include:

  • Helping parents and students resist peer influences/pressure
  • Promoting a more disciplined learning environment
  • Helping students concentrate on their school work
  • Aiding school officials to recognize individuals who should not be on campus
  • Facilitating morning schedules by reducing time spent on choosing clothes to wear
  • Creating a routine that can lead to a more focused classroom environment
    • School uniforms are also credited with creating a strong sense of identity and school pride among students.


The school uniform consists of the following:

  • Boys: Khaki or Navy blue bottoms (slacks, chinos, uniform pants, sweat pants) with Powder blue, white or navy blue collared polo shirts (tucked in if longer than wrists).

  • Girls: Khaki or Navy blue bottoms (uniform pants, chinos, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers, sweat pants) with Powder blue, white or navy blue collared polo shirts (tucked in if longer than wrists), or uniform blouse.


To help ensure consistency in uniform compliance, the school will periodically check that students are in uniform.  If a student is not in uniform:

  1. A reminder will be sent home.(1st incident)

  2. Student will be asked to change into a uniform school loaner and a second notice to parents will be sent home.(2nd incident)


Los Molinos School strongly encourages all families to support our efforts in ensuring a positive and disciplined school environment.  Parents who elect to sign a Uniform Waiver MUST do so two weeks prior to the start of school and follow the HLPUSD dress code guidelines:

  • Clothing and personal items should be free of writing, pictures, or other insignia which are crude, profane, or sexually suggestive

  • Clothing must be free from tears, rips, holes, etc.

  • Clothing shall conceal undergarments at all times.

  • Off the shoulder or low cut tops, bare midriffs, and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited.

  • Shirts and blouses should have sleeves

  • Shorts must fit at the waist

  • No hats or other head gear unless approved for medical or religious reasons and must be approved by the School Principal.

  • Standards for dress and grooming should be acceptable and representative of the community and of the appropriate age group.






Way to Go Wildcat

Ten students will be recognized each week by the school for demonstrating excellence in character and behavior.  The student’s name will be announced on Friday.  Chosen students will be have the opportunity to chose a prize from the treasure box.

Withdrawing Students During the School Day

If an emergency or appointment makes it necessary to take your children from the classroom, please come to the office and sign the “Early Check-Out” book.  Your child will be called to come to the office.  Please do not go to your child’s classroom without permission.  Teachers are not permitted to release children without permission from the office.  Children will be released only to their parents or guardian who must be listed on the emergency card.  You may wish to send a note with your child to inform the teacher when you know ahead that your child will be leaving early.  This will help the teacher to give any important information or homework to your child.  Please try to schedule medical and other appointments afterschool to avoid missing valuable instructional time.           

Website/Social Media

   Our school website is updated on a regular basis and provides information about the school calendar of events as well as all school programs. 

         Stay connected via multiple social media sites:

School Website


LM Weblog